Monthly Update - 2 March 2023

Hello Everyone,

We are excited to share our monthly update for My 1st Wooden Toy, which pre-launched on January 26th, 2023. It’s been an incredible journey so far, and we are grateful for the support we have received from our customers and followers.

Since our pre-launch, we have been gradually introducing our business on social media and are thrilled to see an increase in supporters. Many people have shown interest in our products, and we are grateful for the support and love from our friends and family.

We were overjoyed to make our very first sale to one of our dear friend on January 28th. We are immensely grateful for their support and the kind words they've shared about our business. It means the world to us to have people in our lives who believe in our dream and are willing to help us make it a reality. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your encouragement and trust in us.

We were so thrilled to make an official sale to our first registered customer, Chloe, on February 3rd! Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and our products on your Instagram page. Chloe, we appreciate you and your support more than words can express.

We were absolutely over the moon to send our first international order all the way to France on February 5th! We're thrilled to hear that our customer loves our wooden toy, and it warms our hearts to know that our product is bringing joy to children in other parts of the world. Thank you so much for your support and for choosing our business to be a part of your child's playtime. We hope that our toys continue to bring happiness to your family for years to come.

We also wanted to extend a special thank you to our beloved Bump & Baby group mums, Your kind words and encouragement have meant the world to us during the first few weeks of our business launch.

We want to thank all of our customers who offered great support in the first month of our new business and took the time to provide us with feedback. While we strive to provide a perfect experience for our customers, we are not perfect. It is the less than complimentary feedback that helps us to grow and improve. We are upfront and honest about our business, so we encourage you to read both positive and negative reviews.

We are a small business, and we know that we have a lot of work ahead of us. Our business is niche, and our profits may not be significant, but we are hoping to bring joy to more kids with our wooden toys and provide them with open-ended play experiences. Thank you again for your support, and we look forward to sharing more updates with you in the coming months.

Best regards
My 1st Wooden Toy


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